Invitation to the 1st ICCO Study Club Meeting

Wednesday, 23 March 2022, 7:00 pm - approx. 9:30 pm 
Hotel St. Gotthard, Bahnhofstrasse 87, 8001 Zurich 
The hotel is located 5 min. by foot from Zurich main station. 
Languages: D / E


Welcome / Introduction: T. Eliades, M. J. Scacchi

3D-Technology and 3D-Applications
in Orthodontics: N. Panavi


The inaugural ICCO Study Club will be led by Dr Nearchos C. Panayi who is an orthodontist in Limassol (Cyprus) and currently a PhD student at the University of Athens (Greece). He studied dentistry at Athens Dental School (1992-1997) and orthodontics at Tel Aviv University (1998-2001) before setting up his private practice. This has since grown into two fully digitalised orthodontic practices in Limassol and Larnaca.
His passion for digitalisation encouraged him to use it consistently in orthodontics. A fan of in-house 3D design and printing, Dr N. C. Panayi has helped develop concepts and methods to transform traditional orthodontics into a fully individualised, digital discipline. He is the inventor of the orthodontic CAD software "UBrackets" for in-house design of patient-specific fixed orthodontic appliances. And he introduced the use of general purpose CAD software in orthodontics for the design of orthodontic appliances. He also conducts research in the field of direct aligner printing.
Your personal preparation:
1) As your personal contribution to the discussion in the FORUM, we ask you to prepare a technical question that has been on your mind (possibly for a long time) and that you would like to discuss in the group. You can send the question in advance to [email protected].
2) As part of our "bring a friend" programme, you are welcome to invite a colleague to participate in the programme. This invitation is valid for two persons.
3) Please confirm your participation via email to [email protected].

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